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Looking to Buy Lucozade?

Lucozade is to the average English household as Gatorade is to American homes. A refreshing sports drink that provides that perfect boost to make you want to get up and go. Released in the late twenties it was originally designed to help provide an energy boost to sufferers of the common cold. Lucozade eventually graduated to sponsoring the FA & FA Premier Football Leagues and can been seen on the football jerseys for Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester (so you know it's top quality). Providing athletes with the momentum they need to make it through the game or to recover afterwards, Lucozade is truly a unique beverage. While there have been rumors floating around for years about releasing Lucozade in the USA, for an avid fan like myself I just cant wait that long. I'm pleased to report that after wasting money through a few online vendors, I've finally found a supplier that I can trust, Poppys Pantry.

The nice thing about Lucozade is that you will get the caffeine boost, but you don't get the jitters like when I drink a Red Bull or have too much coffee. I used to be an everyday coffee drinker. First thing in the morning, before I even shower, I would fire up a nice hot pot of coffee and slam down a few cups. I hardly drink coffee anymore because I was able to get my pick me up when needed by making a glass of gold nectar. This, seemingly carbonated, orange flavored beverage really wakes me up that hot, flat coffee would ever do. Call me crazy, but I definitely feel some sort of fizzy feeling on my tongue when I drink Lucozade. Always have and I always will!

I know that Lucozade is the best drink in the world, because when I first got my shipment in I'd made the mistake of giving a few of my American friends a glass... let's just say that they are better customers to Lucozade than I am. As a child growing up in New Castle, absolutely nothing felt better after playing football with my mates all day than going home and making up some nice Lucozade. I now live in Northern California, where Lucozade is incredibly difficult to find (and incredibly expensive when you do). That's why I made this website, to help you find a good supplier of quality British foods. Most Americans that I know are adventurous people that like to try new things, if you've never tried this drink and live in the USA you should pick up a bottle and share it with your friends. The perfect outdoor drink while playing lawn sports on a warm summers day. It makes me thirsty just thinking about it! Definitely check out Poppies Pantry, their selection and customer service are fantastic, their prices are even better. Thanks for stopping by!